Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: Models own - Blueberry Muffin

So apparently I've failed my own schedule, good one meli, i'm sorry but yesterday it was the day i was going to the beach, that meant 5 hours of car traveling and let me tell you that i have traveling by car, it makes me feel very sick throughout the journey, like the feeling you have when you're about to vomit, that one, ugh i hate it. So yesterday was like a short day for me and also to be complete honest with you i forgot, i'm so sorry! i promise it won't happen again. Here's a selfie hahaha i was soooo bored while i was in the car.

So lets get into today's subject, models own  "blueberry muffin" nail polish. I was so excited when i ordered this, because in my country this weren't available and i really wanted some pastel nail polish, I've seen they're going to be on trend again for spring, but as in my country is currently summer i get to use them now, ha!
This is a beautiful blue pastel polish and is part of the models own pastel collection, they have other 5 shades. When i was buying them, i forgot to search reviews of them online and i did that like the day after i bought it, and mostly everyone said that the formula wasn't very good and a bit patchy. I was hoping that this won't happen to me (silly me) and it did, sorta. i think once you know how to apply it you can achieve great results, so just give it a try! 
What i decided to do for a demonstration, is that i'm going to show you every coat that a applied. Also i tried it with a white coat as a base, so you can check both out. First is just the polish applied.
Then here's with white polish as a base.

As you can see by the second coat my clumsiness had already arrived hahaha but you can fix this must my corrector pen (Is on one of the previous post). I think a prefer with a white base, i think the color stands out more.
Also it says that is scented, and this totally amazed me, but sadly i couldn't smell anything. But you can scratch the top of the cap and smell it, it smells like candy. Anyway i think it's a gorgeous shade and  love blue so i'm happy with it.(p.s Blue is my favorite color)
Here's a couple of pictures of the polish.

Well i hope you like this post and hopefully you can forgive me for my delay :) Leave a comment if you liked it and i have another one, so i can do the same with the other shade I've got.
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  1. I love this color! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, which you can check out here.
    I look forward to your responses!
    Smitten with Sunday