Sunday, March 9, 2014

D.I.Y. with a Nutella Jar

Hi! so i know it has been sooooo long since i did a blog post and i promised that i would post every single Wednesday, but i couldn't, i was on vacation and i went somewhere with no tv, radio and even phone service, so as you may noticed i had no internet, but i really enjoyed it, never thought i'd be ok with an entire week of no internet, i know it sounds like i am an internet obsessed, but it's true, i mean i need internet to talk to my friends and watch videos on YouTube and stuff, but the place i was is the most beautiful place on earth hahahah i'm exaggerating but it's amazing. Also it is proven that my schedule didn't work so i'm kinda dropping it, but i guess i try to post as much as i can, i don't think i'll have enough time because this year as i'm a senior, at the end of the year i have to do a test to get into college, so i have to really focus on school.

So when i decided to post again, i couldn't just post something average, i have to do something cool. There was this empty jar of nutella in my house and all this ideas came to my mind and this is the result of it, which i have to say i'm very happy with it. So what you'll need is:

1.- A bottle of water.
2.- Clean and obviously empty jar of Nutella.
3.- Food coloring (optional)
4.- Water pearls.
5.- Flowers (forgot to put it hahaha)

The reason because you need that amount of water it's because in the package it said that you need 150 ml per pearl, also i read that distilled water is the best to do this. The food coloring is to give a little color to the balls, but they sell this pearls in some colors and if you're planning to use white roses i would recommend it as they will probably dye blue. This pearls are really cheap, mine cost like 1,5 dollars, they may seem a few but keep in mind that they grow. You can get them in a flower shop or Amazon.

Let's begin! so the first thing is to add food color to the water.

I added about 10 drops and the pearls ended up looking like marbles. So obviously the more you add the darker. Next you have to add the pearls, you need about 20-30, it depends on the water that you used, if it is distilled water you may need 20, if it is tap water, 30.

Leave them there for about 8 hours so let them fully grow.
Now it's time to pick your favorite flower or make a small bouquet, also you can use synthetic flowers. I picked up some from my garden.

To keep the way you want them to be secure them with and elastic, and then to cover it use a ribbon. If you have more artistic abilities, not like me hahhaah, you can make a cute ribbon or a bow.
And that's it, now you have to put the pearls and the flowers in your jar you're done! It's so easy and it looks so good! I put mine in my bedside table.
But wait this is not the end, i had another idea. You just need some acrylic paint. Choose your favorite colors and a pattern if you want, here a some of them.

Begin by painting the whole jar, you can paint on the outside, but if want, you can paint on the inside and do the pattern on the outside, it looks so cool, like a 3D effect.

Let it dry. If you use regular pain i recommend to wait a few hours.

So what if the design you were doing didn't turned out the way you wanted it? There is an easy solution to that! just dip the jar in hot water for about 3 minutes and then the acrylic paint will peel easily.

I mean look at that, the design what horrible and it was so easy so remove, you don't even need a razor like some people say. 
Once you are happy with the result you can use it as a pen or pencil holder, makeup brush holder, you can put a candle inside, whatever you want.

That's it, i hope you like this post and if you what me to make another one like this, just leave me a comment.

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