Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Haul: Essence and TRESemmé

It's Wednesday! so this mean 2 things, first, it's blog post day! and second i didn't missed my own schedule! so i'm very happy about that. Today's post is about things that i recently bought (yup, guilty again hahah) and basically are for nails. I've already done a review about an essence product, which is a pen, you can check it out in my previous post. I really love essence products, they are cheap and really good, so they're definitely worth every penny.
So i'm going to show you what i got
1.- It's a nail polish remover, i know that for some of you it isn't worth to mention, but i do have to tell you my experience, my mom doesn't care about nails at all, so she buys very cheap things therefore bad quality things, to be exact the nail polish remover that she buys cost 2 dollars, is the cheapest. When i used this on my nails, the were really damaged and it had a really strong smell. This nail polish remover is really good, i used just a little bit and it removed almost all the polish, and it has a really good smell. The best part is that it costs like 3,5 dollars.
2.- A nail art kit, it comes with a brush and some sponges to do the ombré effect on your nails, the brush is really thin to do some lines and if you put a little bit you can make some dots.
3.- Some nail Decorations, i've seen some really pretty nails with glitter and i love them, so i bought this to try them on my nails. I'm going to try this one. It's from an instagram account called loud and lavish. (i'll put all the link when i get home, because my internet here is really crappy hahaha)
4.- Tweezers! i really needed a new one, and this one is really good, i can plug every single hair of my eyebrows. I realized they look like the tweezerman's tweezers.
5.- Eye shadow applicators, i didn't have any to be honest and since i was in the store and i bought some eye shadows, i just had to. Just a little bad thing, i felt like the eye shadow stayed in this rather than my lid.
6.- Eye shadows, so here's a little palette (i don't know if i can call it like that) as you can see I've already used it and it creates a beautiful smokey eye, which i'll show you in my next post. It's really pretty!
7.- Top coat, i read somewhere that this helps to prevent chipping, and this always happens to me! also it's a quick dry topcoat, so you just have to wait a few minutes and as you may know, i'm very clumsy, so this is perfect for me.
Also when i was at the supermaket i saw this, is a heat protector, and i read many times that TRESemmé is the best, so i had to try it. I always use my flat iron, so my hair is really damaged and in winter is worst, i blowdry it and then i use my flat iron. I've used this like twice and it's really good, my hair is softer, i love it!
So that's it, i hope you liked this week's post and i'm sorry if this post is up on thursday on your country, the internet here is really bad, on my last post it took me like an hour just to upload the photos. And today the service has been down for almost 2 hours, ugh! this what you get when you go to a small town here in chile.
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