Friday, January 17, 2014


Hi, so this is my first blog post and I'm going to show you my few attempts of "nail art", I always get the ideas from youtube videos, so I'll link the videos from which i tried to copy the designs from, but in a really poor way hahahhah. So this was my first attempt, i got the idea from a channel called cutepolish. I absolutely LOVE her designs and they are really simple but look so cute!

So here's my kind of "version" of it, but a I think a failed a bit because my nails were short and I didn't have the studs that she put in the video which is this. But at least I tried hahahha. Also the polish didn't last much because the were a really cheap one, so lesson learned for me, even though some polishes are more expensive it is worth it sometimes, if you want it to last up to a week or more and take care of them! (which also it's hard for my as I'm super clumsy hahahha)
Also it look a bit weird because I edited it with instagram and I "accidentally" deleted the original.

This was another attempt, this time with better polishes as you can see, luckily I got this gorgeous O.P.I for Christmas, it is called "Number One Nemesis", I think it was part of the Spider-Man Collection. I did this for New Year as is super sparkly and I don't know why but it seem to me perfect for New Years Eve, and I love having one nail different to the other. A little advice on this polish, it took me like 3-4 coats to get this color and it's really hard to get it of your nails, so you better use a good polish remover.

 This is my recent attempt, I did it yesterday, i got the idea from a channel called HelloMaphie, she has amazing tutorials, you should check her out, this time I used China Glaze "white on white", for the blue one I used Flormar Neon N°15, which is kind of a deep blue, and the black was from Maybelline Colorama, and I cant remember the name but it was a simple black nail polish. Again as I didn't have the rhinestones that she used (which totally look better) I had to used a toothpick and tried to do my best at it. Also a great discovery for myself which has made my life so much easier is to use scotch tape to make the straights lines, it's so easy for people like me who don't have many skills hahaha. Also I have to mention that I changed some things because I could do it properly.

Well I hope you like my post, please leave a comment and I'll love to see your attempts and how you didn't failed like me hahaha. Also if you know a great youtuber let me know in the comments.
Meli ♡


  1. I love it :-)

    We don't have in our country OPI and CG nail polishes and I am so sad about it :-(

    1. :( but they are really expensive, so I only buy one if it is on sale hahaha, china glaze are more affordable though. don't be sad i'm sure you can find the same colors in another brand :) (and cheaper hahah)